Return of the Camper

Tomorrow I’m heading back to NC to pick up my camper.  When loading the trailer with all of the household goods that were being transported, it ended up being too front-heavy.  As a result, I had to leave the camper behind otherwise I would have exceeded the cargo capacity of the truck (but not the GCVW).

The trip back from NC to TX went smoothly.  Well, except for I-20 in Shreveport.  That was awful and I will be doing whatever I can to avoid it.  Hopefully their bypass is up and running by now.

My father and I unloaded the trailer rather quickly.  Boxes are stacked up in multiple rooms, and I’m sure the un-boxing phase will take a long time.

I should be arriving in Clayton, NC sometime in the afternoon or evening on Monday.  I’ll stay a couple days, get caught up with work, then head back to TX.

The more exciting news is that I’m planning a trip to Oregon to see some friends for a while.  I’ll be leaving sometime after the 4th of July and will be gone several weeks.  I haven’t planned my route yet, but I know I’ll be in various places in Oregon for a while.

Not the longest blog posting in the world, just a quick update as to my recent and upcoming travels.

4 thoughts on “Return of the Camper”

  1. not really a comment , more of a question. Was wondering what your route to Oregon might be.

    1. Not really sure yet. It’ll depend on weather, how much time I have, and what I feel like doing at the time.

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