New Tires & Travel Plans

The White Knight got a new pair of shoes today!  Yay, no more worries about tires blowing up on me!  Now it’s time to move on from Tyler to the next adventure.

My travel / logistical plans for the next month have started to come into focus a bit.  Here’s the rough outline of how the next month (or so) will go, with the caveat that everything is subject to change:

  • Get trailer fixed in Indiana
  • Put trailer in storage in MN
  • Drop off camper in driveway
  • Fix house
  • Do repairs/upgrades on camper
  • Prepare house for move
  • Pick up trailer
  • Pack trailer
  • Move to Tyler

First up on the list is a trip to northern Indiana (the ATC headquarters) to get my egress window installed and the gas shock on one of the front windows fixed.  They should be able to complete those items within a couple hours once I get the trailer to them.

I’ll head to MN then and pick out a storage spot for the trailer for about a week or two.  Once it’s in storage, I won’t have to tow it around with me everywhere I go, which makes things like parking and backing up so much easier.

Then I’ll unload the camper in my driveway at the townhouse in Shoreview.  I’m sure my neighbors will love it!  And when I park next to it, I’ll probably be encroaching on my neighbor to the south by a tiny bit.  She doesn’t seem to really care though since she drives a little hatchback-thing and parks in the middle of the garage.  Plenty of clearance all the way around for that vehicle.

The next focus is getting the townhouse rental-ready.  The ugliest and most expensive part of that is getting the deck either fixed or replaced.  Replaced is more likely what’s going to happen, but I’ll investigate my options.  Right now it’s pretty much a safety hazard.  A few other things like repairing/replacing the washing machine and replacing the stove will be needed as well.  I might need to install a smoke detector (I kind of killed the last one when it refused to stop beeping).  I’ll need to remember to contact the rental-management property as soon as I know when I’ll be back in town and get them started on their processes.

While I’m fixing up the house, I’ll be packing up everything I own so it’s ready to be transferred into the trailer.  At some point, I’ll start living out of the camper in the driveway since everything in the house will be in boxes.

Oh, and while I’m working on getting the house ready, packing everything, working with the rental-management company, and working my regular job, I’ll also do some repairs/upgrades to the camper to make it fit me a bit better.  I’ll be blogging about those as they happen.

And once everything is in boxes or otherwise generally ready to be moved, I’ll pick up the trailer.  Spend a couple days of manual labor loading everything into the trailer, load up the camper, and start hauling down to Texas.  I figure by this point, it’ll probably be close to or after April 30th so I’ll have a place to land as soon as I get to Tyler.

April 30th is when my parents should have possession of their new house.  I might actually be the first one to get there, so I’ll head over to the realtors office and get the keys.

On a side note, I found out that removing the 1.5″ lift the previous owner installed on the White Knight won’t be too difficult.  If I don’t get it done while in MN, a local shop in Texas that specializes in everything-truck accessories can take care of it in a couple hours.  That’ll help make the whole rig more level when the camper is in the back.

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