On the road again

I’m in yet another random hotel somewhere.  I have no idea how many nights I’ve spent in hotels over all of my travels thus far, but it seems like the number is higher than it should be.  I’m very much looking forward to having a fully built-out trailer that will be my personal hotel room.

This morning I dumped trash, cleaned up, and took the trailer over to its new temporary home at a storage facility in Quartzsite.  Given the number of white-knucking inducing experiences I’ve had while towing it with my current truck, I didn’t think it was really necessary to bring it all the way back to MN right now.  I have my couch and coffee table in the back of the truck.  I rather like those items, and if I’m going to be in Shoreview for a couple months, I’d like to have them so I can use my downstairs entertainment area.  I also do a lot of work from there.  Since I had the room in the truck, I threw ’em in.

It’s in a storage lot that has everything from shiny new 5th-wheel trailers and Class A’s to absolute junk.  It’s quite a mix.  But I think it’ll be fine there for a couple months.

Tonight I’m in Lordsburg, New Mexico.  Some little town out in the middle of nowhere.  I’m purposefully choosing to a more southernly course again this time to avoid a winter storm in the mountains around Flagstaff.

Google says it’s 1,497 miles to home.  I might be able to do that in two very long days, or it might turn into three more standard travel days.  I guess it depends on how travel goes tomorrow.  Given my dislike for hotels, I’d prefer to make the remainder of the trip in two days, but I might have to put up with the additional hotel stay.  At least I can easily sustain 75mph in the truck now that it’s not towing anything.

I’m already missing my tribe.  Walking into a dark and quiet hotel room, alone, is unsurprisingly, lonely.  I feel like the lone wolf that’s left it’s pack.  I turned on all the lights, put on some music, and used all of the hotel’s hot water taking a shower as a distraction.

RTR was a great experience.  I’m really glad I went.  I couldn’t imagine just sitting at home while it was going on.  It is time to head home though for a while.  Work needs to get done, taxes need to be filed, the Lexus needs to get sold, and the townhouse is going to need to get rented out.  I don’t think the trailer is really in a sustainable condition right now either, it’s going to need significant work before I consider it full-time livable.  (Although some at RTR would likely disagree with me given how they’re living.)

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