I made it!

I arrived at RTR around 5pm local tonight.  Took the bike, rode around for a bit to find a good spot to park, moved the rig, unhitched, and started getting settled in.  I’m exhausted.

Last night I didn’t post because I was too tired.  Drove all day, found a Costco in Tucson AZ, and went to bed at 8:30pm.  Tonight I’ll probably do the same, at least with regards to bedtime.

There’s several dozen other sets of people here.  The RTR officially starts on the 10th, so I’m somewhat surprised at home many people arrived early like I did.  I imagine it will get very busy in the next couple days.

I opened both front window coverings on the trailer today.  Turns out the port side covering is somewhat defective.  That’s unfortunate.  I’m going to need to find some metal screws and somehow get the gas strut screwed back into place.

It’ll nice to not be driving all day tomorrow.  That’ll be a welcome change of pace.

4 thoughts on “I made it!”

  1. Glad you are at your destination. Maybe its a good thing you are early cause you can probably find a good spot to park.
    We are still in a deeo freeze here – lucky you, finally.
    Paul must be enjoying his big city vacation – still no talk of returning home. I’m doing okay – its quite quiet here.

  2. Glad you arrived and can take some time to relax from all the driving. Your place of parking is cute: Bare earth at it’s finest.

  3. Woohoo! Wow, that’s a long haul. Looking forward to reading about the event. I’ll bet someone there has figured out the heat/moisture issue.

    1. The solution to the moisture issue is to:
      1) Add insulation
      2) Drive to someplace warmer
      3) Ditch the Mr. Heater Big Buddy and get a properly vented heating system
      Yeah, I know, none of those are really solutions, but that’s how it works.

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