Pondering Window Height

Today I’m trying to figure out how high to have the windows.  The 4 large windows are 48″ wide by 30″ tall, each.  The smaller egress window is 30″ wide by 22″ tall.

I know that I want the windows to be at least above the level of a standard countertop, which is 36″.  I also don’t want them to be so high that they’re like looking out of a basement window.  There’s a happy medium somewhere in there.

To figure out the correct height in the trailer, I first need the height of the interior wheel wells.  I had an assumption, somewhere along the way, that those were going to be 10″ tall.  Today I found out they may be 12″ tall, which means I may or may not make the raised floor sit nicely on top of the wheel wells.  I don’t really want to dedicate a whole foot to the “basement” area of the trailer, I rather liked the idea of the interior being 7’2″ instead of 7’0″.  So now I’ll need to go and re-size the holding tank sizes to see if I should stay at 10″ (and just make cutouts for the wheel wells), go with 12″ (and have more storage room and less headroom), or go lower than 10″, which is going to make the wheel wells a little more pronounced but also give me more headroom.

Most of my original designs didn’t have a basement area, and I had planned on having the full height of the wells in the cabin area.  I laid out the couch in such a way that I was going to build end tables on top of the wells and thereby avoid having them taking up valuable floor space.  I may stick with that design.

The reason for all of this discussion of the height of the wheel wells is because they determine the height of the raised floor which thereby determines the height of the window placement.  It’s all connected.

I also had an idea for window placement height: I should vertically center the window at my eye level.  That way, when I’m looking out the window, I’m looking right out of the middle of the window.  Tailored window placement, just for me.

I’m off to go research holding tank sizes and do some more drawings.  The featured image today are a couple of turkeys walking around aimlessly in my yard.  It seemed like a timely and festive image.

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